Dr Pierre Van Osselaer PhD – Media and Communications Expert

As teacher, communicator, advisor... I aim to share my expertise with students, groups, and corporations. Holder of a PhD in Media Communication and Culture and a BA Honours in Film & TV and Creative Writing, I can help you. On offer is my expertise in semiotics, the science of signs; the science of how we make sense of the world. With over forty years experience in arts, business, and education, I know how to focus on what makes my advice work for you.

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Academic – Educator

When you need a tutor, a lecturer, a workshop moderator, or an expert advisor in communication, just contact me; because...

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Academic – Developer

I am here to assist any individual, group, or organisation intent on making the most of a learning program.

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Academic – Administrator

Allow me to propose ways and means for you to become more efficient in the management of training programs.

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Creativity – Writer

I teach and tutor writing practice because I am a professional writer and a literary advisor.

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Creativity – Visual Artist

Not only do I teach visual semiotics and screen texts theory, I am a professional artist and screen text director.

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Creativity – Media and Communication

Should we get a fresh look at how we interact?

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Consulting - Semiotics

What is semiotics? It is the science of signs. I can clarify how it can help us make sense of what we perceive.

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Consulting - Systems

When you call upon my systems analysis skills you access my ability to provide original solutions that actually work.

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I am here to be of assistance.

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